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A Remote Access Community, a Check Point concept, is a type of VPN community created specifically for users that usually work from remote locations, outside of the corporate LAN. This section briefly describes commonly used concepts that you will encounter when dealing with the SSL Network Extender.

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I’m wearing the ultra low-cut socks with another pair of flats. I’m purposefully wearing the black sock color to show you that the socks are truly no-show.

The SSL Network Extender is a thin client installed on the user’s computer and an SSL enabled web server component, integrated into the Security Gateway. If you already had SSL Network Extender configured on an IPsec VPN Security Gateway and then you enable the Mobile Access blade, you must reconfigure SSL Network Extender for the Mobile Access blade.

The socks peek out ever so slightly, but this can be avoided by adjusting the socks a bit before wearing. My flats are already very snug, so it was important that I chose liner socks that do not add much bulk. Although these are called “liner socks,” they are true no-show socks in my book. I like wearing these liner socks with my more elegant form-fitting boots, like this pair of Karl Lagerfeld Paris suede ones (I love this pair so, so much that I got an identical second pair!). In the heel area, there is a strip of silicone to prevent slippage.

It is strongly recommended that you review the "Remote Access VPN" section of this book before reading this guide. To enable connectivity for clients using the SSL Network Extender, a Security Gateway must be configured to support Remote Access Clients, in addition to a minor configuration specific to SSL Network Extender.

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Once again, I’m showing that these toe-cover socks are not no-show for all slingback styles. Here, I’m wearing the SlingBack low-cut toe cover socks in “small.” I chose to wear the cream/beige color to better contrast with the black M. The soles are made of a cotton material, while the rest of the sock is made of nylon.

I am wearing the black liner socks to make it easier to assess whether they are truly no-show or not. You can see the sock peek out ever so slightly by my pinky toe on the right foot.

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The toe area is slightly reinforced and the underside of each sock has silicone letterings. I am wrapping up this post by showing a few photographs showing what the SlingBack toe-cover socks look like. I do own quite a few heels in the slingback style, but I think I would just wear them with bare feet and wipe the shoes clean with baby wipes after each wear. For added ball-of-foot protection, I might go for adhesive silicone pads, but honestly, I have not thought much about this. Again, showing you what it looks like wearing the ultra low-cut liner socks with a pair download latest version of M.

In general, these work fine for me when I wear the correct sock size, but they are not as gripping as the silicone grips in the ActiveX socks. The sole of the sock is made of cotton, for maximum absorption of moisture. The rest of the sock is made of nylon, for added flexibility. The “sheec” label is made of silicone and is meant to grip the base of your shoe so that the socks don’t slide.